Cash for Gold Store Vs. Online Auction

If you need some extra money, the local cash for gold store is an often overlooked place where you can earn a few extra dollars on the side. That's right, you can sell your stuff somewhere that isn't an online auction site. But posting a picture and an online ad is super simple. You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to make a profit. So why should you load up your stuff and take a trip to the pawn shop? Read More 

Will Coin Collecting Stay Cool In A Cashless Society?

Each year, more and more people use debit and credit for virtually all of their transactions. Many see "cash-only" as an annoyance that may even mean they won't go back to the store. Will this rejection of cash for daily transactions lead to a declining interest in coin collecting? Why People Might Stop Caring About Coin Collecting Outside of serious collectors, many people's coin collecting was limited to what they got back in their change. Read More 

Protect The Investment Of Your Guitar With Strap Locks

Whether you have an electric guitar that costs $250 or one that costs $2,500, you likely want to take care to protect it. While guitars can get damaged in a number of ways, few things will cause the need for major repairs as quickly as dropping a guitar. If a guitar is inadvertently dropped with the headstock facing down, the weight of the guitar's body can apply such downward force that the instrument's neck snaps in half. Read More 

Creating A Memorable Family Christmas Photo: Cute Costumes That Don’t Go Overboard

You have probably seen a series of horrific family photos online--you know the ones--where everyone is dressed to match or there is just something really awkward about the photo. With Christmas looming up ahead, you do not want to be one of those families pictured in those scary family photo lineups any time in the future. There is a right way and a wrong way to use costumes to create memorable photos, and this is how you do it. Read More 

Tips For Looking Chic And Staying Warm This Winter

During the winter season it can be difficult to stay looking fashionable and stylish. On one hand, you want to look good, but on the other hand you need to wear clothing that will keep you warm when you are outside in the elements. Luckily, there are several ways to look your best while also dressing for the frigid temperatures. Use the following tips to look great and wow everyone this winter: Read More