Five Tips For Setting Out Donation Boxes In Stores

If you help run a charity, one way to increase donations is to place donation boxes in local stores. You can place the box near the cash register, and customers will often drop their loose change into the box. Those few cents here and there can really add up, especially if you put boxes in multiple stores. Here are a few tips for a successful donation box campaign.

Ask first.

If you just go around leaving donation boxes in stores, they may not be well-received. Always ask the store owner or manager before you put a box in place. Describe your charity to them, and tell them just how long you plan to leave the box in place. These details will help them know what to expect, so they are more likely to say "yes."  A couple of store owners may turn down your idea, but don't sweat it -- most will be willing to help.

Make sure the box is enclosed.

An open box may be convenient, but little children who don't know any better may reach into it and take out the chain. Or, someone may hit the box and spill it. So always make sure you use a closed donation box. If you don't have professionally made donation boxes, you could tape a shoe box lid closed and make a slit in the top of the lid for people to put their coins though.

Include a brief description of your charity.

Unless it is obvious from your charity's name what you do, give a brief description of the organization and its goals on the box. People like to know where their donations are going. Be brief; they won't want to take the time to read a paragraph when they're checking out at the store. Also include the words "please donate your spare change" so that customers realize what the box is for.

Empty the box often.

Make sure you stop by the store every couple of days to empty the box. See if the store manager would be willing to hold on to a second spare box and put it out in place of the original box if the first box becomes full before you return again. Another option is to ask them to empty the change into a jar and save it. However, it's best if you visit often enough to deal with any filled boxes so the store managers do not have to.