Pearl Care Tips To Keep Your Jewelry In Good Condition

Pearls are an extremely popular type of gemstone that can be found in a variety of different styles of jewelry. Unfortunately, individuals are often unaware of the care that pearls will require to stay in good condition, and this may lead to some mistakes that could ruin the appearance of prized pieces of jewelry.

Avoid Harmful Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your pearls is necessary to ensure that they retain their luster. However, pearls can be extremely sensitive to harsh and acidic cleaning solutions. These solutions can cause a range of problems for the pearls, such as discoloration and brittleness. In most instances, water and a microfiber cloth will be enough to clean the pearls. However, if you find that there are some substances that you can not remove, a jewelry cleaning solution that is designed for use on pearls may be required.

Protect The Pearls When They Are In Your Jewelry Box

You may assume that your pearls will only be at risk of suffering damage while you are wearing them. However, it can be possible for your pearls to become damaged while they are in the jewelry box. This can occur when the pearls bang or rub into other pieces of jewelry. Over time, these impacts can cause the pearls to chip and crack, which can ruin their appearance. In order to avoid this damage occurring to your pearls, you should always place them in a cloth jewelry bag when you put them in the jewelry box. These bags will absorb the small collisions that may occur as your jewelry pieces bump into each other.  

Keep Them Away From Intense Sources Of Heat

Intense heat can be another major threat to pearls. When pearls are exposed to intense heat, they can split, and it is not possible to have this type of damage repaired. Often, this damage can occur by keeping the pearls too close to fireplaces, stoves, or radiator units. By making sure that you choose a location that is relatively cool, you can prevent this damage.

If you own jewelry that contains pearls, it is important to be mindful of the steps that will need to be used to prevent the pearls from developing damage. Knowing the importance of being careful when choosing cleaning solutions, preventing damage while the pearls in the jewelry box and minimizing the risk of heat damage will enable your pearls to be in exceptional condition for many years. Talk to a local jewelry store to find the pearls and cleaning supplies you need.