Be Bold And Send A Man Flowers For His Birthday

Make a bold statement by sending a special man flowers for his birthday. Flowers and plants bring a bit of life to an office, workspace, or man-cave, and it is a sentimental and thoughtful gesture that will be appreciated.

Some bold floral ideas for a special man's birthday include:

Practical potted plants. Call your florist and order a gorgeous potted plant for the office or his desk. Any guy or gal can benefit from having a living plant in their workspace, as they create oxygen and bring a breath of life wherever they go. Consider something like an aloe or a philodendron, which are both easy to grow and perfect for indoor spaces.

Luxurious leather arrangements. Whether you opt for fresh-cut flowers or a living plant, have your florist contain it in a lovely leather box. These can be repurposed for desk supplies later, and the box brings a masculine touch to your gift.

Year-round window boxes. Send a window box of seedlings, herbs, or flowers to someone to remind them that spring is around the corner. Your florist will recommend the best things to plant in a window box for shade or sun, as well as how much maintenance it will require. Any time of year is perfect for a living arrangement in a window box.

Something for his lapel. Want to send a simple and affectionate message? Order your man a boutonniere from your favorite florist. These typically come beautifully packaged and showy, which can impress the recipient, and they are not an expensive gift to send.

Sports-inspired sentiments. Go with a simple bouquet of carnations or daisies- both inexpensive blooms- and dress the arrangement up with sports-themed accents. Ask your florist for ribbon, trinkets, or balls that pay homage to his favorite game. These sweet arrangements will brighten any guy's day.

Baby trees or shrubs. Head to the nursery to pick out a nursery- the tree nursery, that is. Another great gift idea is to send a baby conifer or shrub, which can be replanted later.  These may thrive for years and years, becoming a cherished feature in the recipient's landscaping.

Tastefully-intriguing topiaries. For an intriguing conversation piece, send the man a tasteful topiary tree. Your florist may be able to create and shape these small shrubs into whatever form or design you wish. Or, you can make your own topiary with a few crafting supplies and some dwarf shrubs.

Sending flowers to a man is unexpected and something that will be appreciated by the recipient. Use these suggestions to inspire your own unique floral ideas when sending a special gift to a remarkable man. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.