Tips For Traveling Carry-On Only

Years ago, almost everyone would bring an entire suitcase of clothing when they went on vacation. Of course, airlines offered free checked bags back then, which might have been why packing heavy was so popular! These days, you may pay for every bag you check, so traveling with carry-on luggage only has become quite common. This approach can take some getting used to if you're used to bringing along an enormous suitcase. Here are some tips to make traveling carry-on only easier.

1. Invest in a hard-sided carry-on bag.

There are many types of carry-on bags you're able to purchase. The best type to buy is a hard-sided carry-on bag. With this type of bag, you do not have to worry about the contents bulging outward because you've overstuffed the bag -- thereby causing the bag to not fit in the overhead bin. The hard sides also do a better job of protecting your items, which is important when everything you're bringing is in that one bag! Your shampoo won't get crushed, and your electronics won't get bumped.

2. Bring items you can re-wear.

Since you can't bring 15 outfits with you, focus on bringing pieces that you can wear a few different times in a few different ways. For example, black leggings are a versatile choice. You can wear them with a T-shirt on a more casual day, and with a dressy top the next day when you go out for dinner. A solid, t-shirt style top is another good option. Wear it alone one day and under a Cardigan the next. 

3. Roll your clothing.

Choose clothing that you can roll up without having to worry about wrinkles. This way, you can pack more into your bag and make use of all the space. (Folding clothes and piling them in wastes space along the edge of the bag.) Choose more clothing made from thinner materials, and then bring just one or two bulkier sweaters to wear over your outfits when needed for warmth.

4. Pay attention to what you can't bring.

Airlines won't let you bring containers of liquids larger than 3 ounces in a carry-on bag. There are also other items, like knives and certain medications, that are banned. Look into the TSA restrictions (they change often) before you go to ensure you don't accidentally pack items that are banned. If you do pack banned items, they'll be confiscated before you board the plane.