Shag Rugs: The Perfect Decorating Accent For Any Room

If you are looking for a great decorating accent, look no further than shag rugs. Shag rugs are attractive, provide comfort for your feet, and can make any room feel more luxurious. Available in any color, you are sure to find a shag rug that will look amazing in any room of your home.

Shag rugs in the kitchen

If you are looking to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen, a shag rug is up to the task. Placing a shag rug in front of the kitchen sink will give you a soft place to stand when doing kitchen meal prep or clean-up chores. Look for shag rugs that are machine washable when selecting one for the kitchen.

Shag rugs in the living room

If your living room lacks warmth and comfort, a shag rug will make a difference. Not only will it look amazing, but when you slip off your shoes, you will enjoy sinking your toes into the plush softness of the rug. Place a shag rug in front of your favorite living room chair and you will feel like you are living in luxury every day.

Shag rugs in the home office

If you want to make your workday go better, place a shag rug under your desk and enjoy the soft luxury at your feet while you work. Choose a shag rug in a bold hue to liven up a dreary office with a pop of color.

Shag rugs in the playroom

Great for tummy time for babies and playtime for toddlers, shag rugs provide cushioning for little feet and knees. Children will love the soft texture of a shag rug when playing on the floor. Shag rugs also make great places to sit for storytime.

Shag rugs in the bedroom

You will never have to worry about your feet hitting a cold floor again when you have a shag rug next to your bed. The luxury and warmth of a shag rug will make mornings easier. They are also perfect for adding a touch of romantic luxury to the bedroom.

Trendy in decades past, shag rugs are making a comeback, and for good reason. They are a decorator's delight because they add dimension and interest to any room and their plush softness will make you feel like you are living in luxury. From the kitchen to the bedroom, you are sure to find a room that can benefit from the addition of a shag rug.

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