3 Food-Themed Pittsburgh Tees

One of the many reasons to visit Pittsburgh is to check out its food scene. While this city is known for many things, it's impossible to overlook the many different types of food that are synonymous with Pittsburgh. Whether you're on a culinary tour or are just making a point of sampling some local fare during a business trip, there's a good chance that you'll have some memorable meals. A good way to keep this food in the forefront of your mind even months after your visit is to buy a food-themed Pittsburgh shirt. There are lots of these garments on the market, including the following options.


Pierogies are a type of food that many people associate with Pittsburgh, and with good reason — there are all sorts of restaurants around the city that specialize in this fare. If you've had a chance to sample some of this popular comfort food during your time in Pittsburgh, you might want to shop for a T-shirt that features this fare. Some shirts feature cartoon-style images of bowls of pierogies, often with wording about Pittsburgh's prevalent pierogi culinary scene.


Although you'll find ketchup in every city across the country, it has a special connection with Pittsburgh because one of the nation's leading ketchup producers originally came from the city. A lot of people love the sweet taste of ketchup, adding it to everything from hot dogs to sauces and dips. You won't have to look too hard to find a ketchup-themed shirt for sale in Pittsburgh. These garments are often bright red in color, which can be a good choice for anyone who loves wearing clothing in vibrant hues. Some of these shirts are branded with the name of Pittsburgh's leading ketchup company, while others have a generic look.

Chopped Ham

Another type of fare that people associate with Pittsburgh is chopped ham — a type of ham loaf that is popular to use on sandwiches for lunch. You'll find chopped ham sandwiches at many delis around the city, and the popularity of this luncheon meat means that you'll often be able to also find shirts that depict it. Some shirts feature a cartoonish image of a chopped ham sandwich, while others are designed to look like a vintage print advertisement for chopped ham. Look for a T-shirt that features one of these Pittsburgh-associated foods, or shop for another Pittsburgh T-shirt to celebrate your visit.