How To Choose The Right Stainless Steel Razor

You may have decided that it's time to finally buy that stainless steel razor you have always wanted. Stainless steel razors can have some advantages over less durable and even limited-use razors. They tend to be made to last with perfectly designed handles, while the weight and design of the razor are made for hand comfort. They tend to be easier to change the blade when it's time, and overall, they are known to give some of the closest shaves possible.

How do you choose the right stainless steel razor for you? It's not that much different than choosing any type of razor really. Here are some tips to find the right stainless steel razor for you.

Choose The Number Of Blades Based On Your Needs

Like plastic razors, a stainless steel razor can be sold with a single blade or multiple blade formations. While multiple-blade heads typically are better at giving you a nice close shave, you might not need a multi-blade razor to do a great job. This will depend on you, how much hair you have to remove, and how close of a shave you want. 

For men, the number of blades on your razor you may need will depend on how thick your beard is. Are you looking to trim around the edges of your beard or do you prefer a smooth, clean-shaven look? For ladies, if you have thicker leg hair then a multi-blade razor is your best bet; if your hair is thinner, fewer blades should do the trick.

Get A Razor Where The Head Moves

If you want a nice smooth feel but also don't want to worry about getting nicks or cuts while you shave, then you should opt for a stainless steel razor where the head moves with you as you go along. Static razor heads only glide over the surface of your legs or face but don't really conform and flow along the natural curves. This means they can skip over some areas and potentially cause a cut or nick due to dry patches. It also can leave behind stubble or even longer hairs if the blade misses them.

A stainless steel razor where the head moves with you can help ensure that your shave is close, smooth, and hopefully cut-free. The head follows your natural curves so the blades will stay in contact with your skin at all times. This leads to fewer passes across your skin while shaving and lowers the chances of cuts.