Are You The Director Of A Charter Vocational School? 3 Ways To Use Graduation Stoles In Your Students’ Ceremony

As the director of a charter vocational school, you get to enjoy the honor of watching as each student gets to celebrate their achievement in front of their family and friends. Each year, a new set of students embarks on their graduation journey, yet you might feel as though the sentiment of excitement for the future is always the same. This year, you can take the ceremony to a whole new level by considering these different ways that you can use graduation stoles to enhance the specialness of the moment.

Establish a Sense of Community

Many schools choose a neutral color for the robes that students can use from one year to the next. While black, blue, and white are popular colors for robes, they don't always leave much room for personalization. Stoles come in a wide range of colors that you can use to add a pop of school spirit to the ceremony. Providing each student with a stole in the school color along with their graduation date creates an instant sense of community that shows in group photos of the ceremony.

Highlight Career Pathways

Students who choose to attend a vocational school often do so to jumpstart their learning in fields that are meaningful to their future. Whether your school offers computer science, cosmetology, film, or business management courses, you can find a stole color that fits each one. Having your students wear stoles that match their chosen career pathway adds an element of interest to the ceremony while instantly demonstrating their efforts towards earning special certifications and licenses that enhance their high school diploma.

Honor Student Achievements

If your school honors valedictorians, salutatorians, and other high-achievers, then a graduation sash that denotes their status gives you a way to give them distinction during the ceremony. Vocational schools might also have special clubs that students have participated in, and you can choose customized stoles to allow your students to show off their membership. Honoring student achievements during the ceremony can also encourage future classes to strive to do their best since the audience will see the importance that your school places on success.

Allow for Personalization

Many schools today are highlighting the diversity of their student body by allowing graduates to wear personalized stoles. Some students may choose to wear a stole that signifies their cultural heritage. Others may choose to add quotes or the names of special people who influenced their education. While you will want to issue a few guidelines, you can bet that your graduates will embrace the opportunity to show what makes them unique as they make their way to get their diplomas.