4 Options In Garden Decor Water Fountains, And A Quick Look At How They’re Installed

If you're looking for a way to add decor to your garden, you might want to install a water fountain. Garden decor water fountains come in many sizes and styles so you can find one that fits your purpose. Here are some examples of what you can find in garden water fountains.

1. Fountains For Birds To Enjoy

If you like to watch birds in your backyard, then consider getting a birdbath fountain. These have a dish large enough for birds to bathe and drink from. They are also high enough from the ground that the birds don't have to worry about cats and other dangers.

The fountain for these might be a single stream of water or a spray. You can often find one that's solar-powered, which is nice if the fountain will be in the sun most of the day.

2. Fountains For Meditation

If you like to meditate outdoors, you might enjoy a fountain that has a pleasing sound as water rolls down different levels of the fountain. Meditation fountains come in several designs with different meditation themes. They sound relaxing and they have a consistent rhythm that helps you enter a meditative state.

3. Fountains For Night Decor

Some garden decor water fountains light up at night to make excellent decorative garden pieces. You might want subtle lighting or bright lights that change colors. Since you'll need electricity to operate the fountain motor, you'll have a power source for any lights you might want to have.

4. Fountains For Daytime Decor

You'll find the perfect fountain for your garden no matter what type of outdoor decor you have. There are fountains made of wood barrels, ceramic, metal, concrete, or resin. Garden decor water fountains are attractive on your patio, in sitting areas, and nestled in flowers or plants. A fountain can be a focal point for your garden and look attractive both day and night.

Some things to consider when you're choosing your new fountain are the power source you need and the water supply. You'll need a pump to circulate water, so both electricity and plumbing are essential. You may want to place your fountain where both of these are easily accessible, but if your fountain will be away from your home, you can have plumbing and electrical lines placed underground and connected to the fountain. This enables you to place your garden water fountain anywhere your yard needs a little extra decor.

However, you could also choose a basic fountain like a birdbath fountain that operates on solar power and that you fill with water manually. These are more work, but they can add beauty to your yard without the need for plumbing and electricity installations.

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