Beyond T-Shirts: More Unique Promotional Items

Promotional t-shirts and pens are everywhere. Sure, you could jump on the bandwagon and also use these items to promote your own business. But if you want to be a little more unique and stand out from the crowd, there are other options. Here are some interesting promotional items to consider having made.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are something many people wish they had, but always forget to buy for themselves. However, if you were to give most people a stress ball, it would probably find its way to their desk, where they would use it daily, sometimes in the presence of coworkers who would see the logo printed on it. So, stress balls can be a really great promotional item. Just make sure you have your company name printed prominently and in large font since stress balls are pretty small items.

Car Air Fresheners

Have you seen those little, tree-shaped air fresheners everyone always seems to have in their car? As it turns out, they come in shapes other than trees, and many companies that print promotional items offer them. You could have them printed with your company's logo or name. Make sure you have both sides printed so that people can see your company name through the windshield from outside the car, too. 

Car Scrapers

If you live in an area that gets significant snowfall in winter, consider having snow scrapers printed with your company name. This is a bit more expensive of a promotional item, but it is a very useful one that customers will really appreciate receiving, and will actually use. Sometimes, that's what promotional items are really about — reminding your customers that you care by offering a very useful item. Others will also see the scraper when your recipient uses it in a public parking lot.

Grocery Bags

With more and more stores charging for plastic bags in an effort to be eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags have become quite popular. They can also be made pretty inexpensively and printed with your name. This one can get you a lot of publicity because other shoppers will see the bag as your recipient carries it through the store. If you want to be extra good to your customers, buy some insulated shopping bags.

With these more unique promotional items, your customers will be truly thankful that you have given them a gift. They're all things most people actually need and use, and they're less common than a t-shirt! For more information about printing promotional items, contact a local company that can provide this service, like You Name It Specialties.