Reasons To Choose A Snap-Together Model Kit For Your Child

If you built model kits as a child, you might be eager to get your child involved in this hobby when they reach an appropriate age. A visit to your local hobby shop will present you with a wide range of model kits to consider buying for your child, including those that depict spacecraft from notable science-fiction TV shows and movies. Before you choose the type of kit to buy, take note of the various styles of model kits. While many require the use of glue to assemble the pieces, others snap together without the use of glue. Here are some reasons that a snap-together model kit is ideal for your child, especially when they're young.

Not Messy

While an older child can successfully use model glue without making a mess, this can be challenging for a younger child. Your child could squeeze out too much glue while attempting to glue two pieces of the kit together, resulting in a mess. As a parent, you likely want to steer your children toward hobbies that don't make major messes — and building snap-together model kits can definitely fit into this category. The mess-free nature of a snap-together kit means that your child can work on their model on any surface in your home without you worrying.

Faster Completion

Some children have short attention spans, which may compel their parents to look for hobbies that the children can complete in a relatively short amount of time. Snap-together model kits are quicker to assemble than those that require glue. When using glue, it's important to wait for the glue to dry — which is something that can be problematic for a child who wants quick results. It's satisfying to be able to build an entire plastic model in just a short amount of time, rather than perhaps have to devote several blocks of time over the course of multiple days to the build.


Don't overlook the fact that snap-together model kits are typically easier for children than those that require glue. While older kits will enjoy the challenge of building a kit with glue, this can be a struggle for younger children because it requires more accuracy and coordination. One of the things that will make a child stick with a hobby is when it offers a relative degree of ease. Few children are interested in devoting time to activities that they find to be difficult. You and your child will appreciate seeing how easily they can assemble a snap-together model kit.

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