3 Unique Ways To Wear Your Striped Thigh High Socks

There are many fun ways to create a unique look with the help of your striped thigh high socks. Here are a few interesting options to consider.

Embellish the Socks

A great way to spice your outfit up is to embellish your Striped Thigh High Socks. You can use different embellishments every time you wear them, making it possible to turn your old outfits into new unique designs. There are many ways to embellish your socks – consider the following options:

  • Sprinkle glitter on them before putting them on. The glitter should come out in the washer.
  • Attach hair barrettes of different varieties along the tops of them.
  • Wrap them with ribbons and bow ties after putting them on.

Look around your room and in your closets for little-used accessories that can help embellish your striped thigh highs. If you can't find anything, do a little shopping for stuff that will complement your socks. You can use the accessories with other items in your closet to update your overall look.

Turn Shorts into Pants

You can also use your thigh highs to turn shorts into unique pants. The trick is to make sure that the length of your shorts meets the top of your socks. After putting your shorts and thigh high socks on, you can use lingerie clasps to attach the shorts to the socks. This will create a cohesive unit that functions more like pants than shorts. You can create different looking pants all year long without having to shop for new clothing on a regular basis. You'll stay cooler during the summer months than you would when wearing jeans, and you should stay warm enough during the winter to not have to worry about wearing jeans.

Use the Socks as Accessories

Who says you have to wear your thigh high socks on your feet? The striped design of your socks makes them the perfect alternative scarf and belt. Just tie a sock around your waist to cinch a dress. And throw a sock around your neck when it's windy or chilly outside. The striped design will spice up any plain t-shirt, simple sweater, or basic dress. Your thigh high socks can even be used to tie your hair up into a ponytail or to stylishly sling a sore arm.

Think outside of the box every time you put your striped thigh high socks on, and you're sure to make a fresh statement when you walk out the front door.