Are You Nervous About Dressing Up For Your Next Night Out? 3 Tips To Style A Full Leather Harness That Will Up Your Confidence

Leather still reigns high in your lifestyle scene, and you've been seeing more and more men wearing harnesses out in the clubs and at festivals. While you love the look, you might be a little nervous about baring so much skin. In the sexiest full leather harnesses, there's not much room to hide between the sensual straps. You can also bet that you'll be getting tons of attention when you wear one out. Fortunately, you can totally pull this look off while adding your own twist on the style by using these three styling tips that will have you strutting through your favorite venue with total confidence.

Give a Peek Beneath a Suit Jacket

Harnesses have worked their way into mainstream culture by celebrity men throwing them on under their suits as they walk the red carpet. While you might not want to go full tuxedo, you can pull off a little tease by pairing your leather harness with a suit jacket. Just leave the jacket open so that everyone can see the leather strap leading down below. You'll feel more confident with a little cover up until the night gets started. You can also remove it as you feel more comfortable and decide that its time to up the intrigue.

Go With Bold Statement Shoes

When you choose to wear your men's full leather harness alone, you can still add a touch of personality to the look that is guaranteed to get some conversations started. Depending upon your personal fashion style, you can wear a bold pair of colorful stilettos to draw attention from your head to your toes. Alternatively, you can always pile on the leather. Harnesses look amazing with men's leather work or cowboy boots. 

Rock It Like You Mean It

As you get ready to try out your new harness, remember that one of the best styling tips is to own the look. If your full body harness has an o-ring at the bottom, then pair it with a silky pair of colorful underpants for a public outing that adds a touch of whimsy. If you're rocking a pouch, then wear it with pride. One of the biggest benefits of wearing leather is that it instantly gives you that tough and sexy vibe that makes it clear to everyone that you are the life of the party. Now, get dressed and go out and dance. You can bet that you'll have your share of partners clamoring for your attention.

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