How To Attract More Shoppers To Your Shopping Center During The Holidays

If you own a shopping center, then you know just how critical the holidays are. Although a lot of stores make their money from only shopping, there are still plenty of customers who like to come out into the mall and shop from brick and mortar stores. To make sure your mall gets the most sales as possible this holiday season, there are a few ways for you to attract people to their mall. 

Have a Santa

Nothing says "Happy Holidays," quite like having your kids sit on Santa's lap. Having a Santa at your mall is a great way for you to get parents and children to come through. And, once they are actually inside of your mall, the more likely they are to spend money in other stores. Plus, you can charge families money for pictures and just sitting on Santa's lap which is a great way for you to bring in even more revenue for your mall. 

Have Holiday Concerts

Another fun thing you can do to get people excited about coming to your shopping center is you can hire bands, choirs, or solo artists to perform inside your mall. For instance, you can have a choir full of Christmas carolers in your food court every Saturday during the month of December. By helping to set the mood, you can create a fun atmosphere that everyone will want to be a part of. 

Decorate Really Well

When it comes to Christmas decor, there's almost no such thing as decorating too much for the occasion. Make sure that you decorate your mall really well with things like festive garland, a big Christmas tree in the center of the mall, wreaths on every storefront, and anything else you can afford. Although the cost of decorations may be a lot upfront, having them to put up every year will be a great way for you to get people excited about shopping at your mall. Plus, another thing to remember is that when you do things like decorate, it shows to everybody that you care about your mall and when they know that you care, they are more likely to care as well. 

Keep all of these things in mind this year when you are thinking of ways to attract more customers to your shopping center. And remember, that as soon as everyone knows how festive your shopping center is, the faster the word will spread.