Supplies for the Pagan Beginner

While there are many supplies that you want to have for your pagan practices, there are some basic ones that you are going to want to have when you are just starting out as a beginner. Here are some of the basic pagan supplies that you'll need to get started.

An altar

One of the first things that you are going to want to have is an altar. An altar is a table that is going to be used to hold things like your ingredients and other supplies that will be needed for rituals.


Crystals play a very important role in Paganism. Crystals will be used for many things, some of which are grounding and to hold onto good energy or other strengths.


Gather incense of many types. You will find that different rituals can call for different incense and you want to be able to go right into your collection of supplies and produce the right incense for what you will be performing.

Various Candles

You will need a variety of candles. You should have candles in different colors because rituals will often need to have candles of specific colors used. If you have various colors, you won't have to put off doing a ritual.

Essential oils

Another very important thing for you to be sure you keep on hand as a Pagan will be your essential oils. These oils are ones that are charged with energy and can transfer that energy to another.


Salt is a very important ingredient for you to have. You will find that salt is something that you will end up using quite often. This means you are going to want to make sure you stay stocked up on it and always be sure you get more before you run all the way out of your current stock.


Another crucial thing for you to keep on hand at all times will be smudge. This is a bundle of herbs, which often includes sage. It will be used for such things as getting rid of bad energy in certain areas. It will also be used for things like preparing an area for a ritual before the ritual takes place.

These are just a few of the essential pagan supplies you'll need to practice paganism. If you have further questions, you can contact local or online services such as Artes and Craft.