Maintain Your Inside Joke With Your Spouse

Do you have an ongoing joke that you share with your spouse on occasion? Maybe you both laugh about the fact that there never seems to be enough time in the day to get things done or about the seriousness of some people who you both encounter when the two of you think that they should just lighten up and enjoy life. One way for you to keep the laughter occurring is by purchasing some funny fridge magnets that represent your inside joke and displaying them on your refrigerator.

A Funny Message Can Go A Long Way

Laughter is an important part of life. It makes things seem less stressful and gives one a reason to be grateful for the way things are. Why not implement a new way of demonstrating your comedic tendencies? A magnet that contains a silly quote or a picture and that pertains to you and your husband's lives can break up the monotony of your daily schedule and provide both of you with the laughter that has been missing.

After all, life is short and people tend to get wrapped up in their daily schedules and the responsibilities that are expected of them. With magnets, you can provide a statement that will help lighten your spouse's mood for the day. He or she will see the magnet as soon as they approache the refrigerator and their positive reaction to the magnet may last for several hours.

Quotes Or Characters Can Be Utilized

Do you think that your spouse will be more receptive to printed words or would a picture that is representative of a thought or feeling do the trick? You know what type of sense of humor your partner possesses, so select a magnet or two that are funny and that will portray a joke that the two of you have been sharing.

Choose a magnet that is rather large in size. This will ensure that your partner sees the new addition after you have secured it to the refrigerator. To make the joke personalized, use the magnet to secure a notepad or piece of paper to the fridge.

This may prompt your significant other to write you a message in response to the message that he received through the magnet. If you decide to purchase multiple funny magnets, you and your husband can take turns displaying them on the refrigerator for one another, depending upon what type of mood each of you is in and the message that you would like to give to the recipient.