Are You Remodeling Your Master Bathroom?

Have you decided to set an elegant tone in your master bathroom? Maybe this is your getaway room, the place where you can escape the busy life that goes on in the rest of your house. From selecting backsplash glass tiles to selecting the other decor items, here are some ideas that might help you design a room you can fall in love with.

Backsplash Glass Tiles - Did you see pictures of elegant bathrooms in home decorating magazines that featured glass tiles for the shower? Maybe you saw them featured in model homes you have visited. No matter where you saw the backsplash glass tiles, perhaps you knew right away that someday you would select them for your own master bathroom. Glass tiles will provide privacy at the same time that they allow light to brighten the bathroom. 

Whether you have selected tile, granite, or any other material for your countertops, glass tiles will complement that part of your bathroom decor. They'll also go well with any cabinetry you have selected. For a truly unique look, consider mosaic glass tiles that will give the appearance of a stained-glass window. 

Glass tiles aren't just beautiful; they are also easy to maintain. Just clean them with the same cleaner you use on your mirrors, and they'll look like new. After some time has passed, you might need to get a stronger cleanser to get water buildup off the glass tiles.

Other Elegant Accents - Think of the elegant look you want. For example, if you want to establish a contemporary kind of elegance, consider things like a brass or pewter chandelier for your master bathroom. Choose one with a simple, sleek design. For a traditional elegant bathroom, consider selecting a crystal chandelier. Or, you could still go with pewter or brass chandelier, but choose a more intricate design.

Your selection of artwork for the walls will help to create an elegant look in your bathroom. For example, if you went with an elegant, contemporary look, consider framing things like modernistic animal prints that you place in frames with simple frames. When you select the frames, go with the same material that you chose for the chandelier. For example, if you selected a pewter chandelier, choose pewter or silver-toned picture frames. If you went with traditional elegance, consider framing things like seascapes or other scenes from nature in heavy gold frames.