Putting Together the Perfect Gift Basket for a Vegan

When you're putting together a gift basket and you have a lot of vegan friends, you might find that some of the gifts you'd normally consider might not be right for a vegan. This doesn't mean that your friend wouldn't be grateful, but if you want your friend to love your gift, it's important to choose carefully.

Avoid Animal Products and Products Tested on Animals

Vegans do not want products that are made from animals. But even if a product isn't made from animals at all, vegans also generally do not want products that were tested on animals, such as body care products. For this reason, it's important to choose vegan body care products. 

Be Careful with Candles

Similarly, beeswax candles could also be considered problematic to vegans. Instead, include candles that do not use animal products, such as candles that are made using soy. 

Be Selective When Including Beverages

Beware of non-vegan wine or alcohol. These drinks are made with bone marrow or fish bladders to filter the alcohol. Coffee, tea, and wine are generally good options. However, be careful with hot cocoa because it is usually not vegan. Many types of hot chocolate contain powdered milk and honey. 

Be Careful with Makeup Products

With vegan makeup, beware of lipstick and mascara. Fortunately, there are versions of these products that are vegan-friendly. Also, beware of brushes used to apply vegan makeup. Non-vegan brushes are often made with squirrel hair, horse hair, or mink hair. Make sure this is not the case if you purchase one.

Choose Food Carefully

Be careful with chocolates, since only some are non-GMO. Make sure that any cookies and breads you include in the basket are sweetened with non-GMO products. One alternative is to put fruits and nuts in a vegan basket. The recipient will love sweet and healthy treats. Many cookie products are sugar-free and have no preservatives or unhealthy additives.

Consider a Fashion Basket

If you want to give away a less conventional gift basket, consider giving away a fashion gift basket that does not use fur, wool, or leather. Be aware that belts and jewelry are sometimes made using snakeskin. Make sure to know the materials that fashion products were made from to ensure they were not created using animal products.

Include Fitness Products

Vegans often make this lifestyle choice based on wanting to become healthier. For that reason, you could include health-related products such as a yoga mat, jumping ropes, or small weights.

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