Making The Most Of Limited Outlet Availability In Your Home Office

When it comes to setting up a home office, you'll likely need plenty of electrical outlets. These outlets provide the power needed to run printers, computers, monitors, and other essential electronics. However, not all homes are equipped with the necessary outlets. Sometimes the outlets are not conveniently located, or you simply might not have enough outlets to power your devices. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your available wall receptacles.

Power Cable Extension Cords

Power cable extension cords offer an ideal solution when your outlets are not conveniently situated throughout the room. You'll want to make sure that you have a cord with a heavy-duty covering to prevent fraying, and you'll also want to make sure that you have the right connection setup to work with your electronic devices. For example, many computers and monitors require a three-prong receptacle, but some power cable extension cords only use two-prong outlets. Instead of using an adapter to work with your plugs, be sure to choose power cables with the right connection points.

Wall-Mount Power Strips

Wall-mount power strips save space while giving you a way to maximize the use of a single wall receptacle. Choose a power strip that includes surge and overload protection, as these features can help protect your device in the event of power surges or other power malfunctions. When shopping for power strips, you'll find an array of designs. Some offer a single row of closely-spaced outlets, which can be ideal if you have only a few devices to plug in. However, if you have a lot of AC adapters or large plugs to connect, you may want to look for a more flexible option. Some power strips are designed specifically for use with AC adapters, so each outlet is conveniently spaced to accommodate your devices without sacrificing outlet access.

USB Port Wall Plugs

Another problem you might face in your home office is not having enough outlets to accommodate the chargers for your mobile devices. Plugging in chargers for your tablet, phone, and gaming devices quickly eat up the available space you have on your wall outlets and power strips. Instead, consider a USB port wall plug. These plugs function similarly to power strips, as they typically include extra outlet receptacles. However, they also include built-in USB ports. This means you can plug your chargers directly into the ports without the need for an adapter. You'll be able to charge multiple mobile devices while still keeping your computer or printer safely plugged in.

As you look for power strips, extension cords, and wall plugs, look at the different features they offer. Today's models offer a host of extras, including LED lighting, angled plugs, and tangle-free cords to bring added convenience to your home office. For more information, contact a company like Americord Power cords.