Three Ways To Cover The Skylights In Your Home

Skylights offer a wonderful source of beautiful sunshine, but they can also be adorned to add even more style to your home. In addition, these window treatments can be used to block the sun as needed, or even keep gray, cloudy skies hidden from sight. Here are a few skylight cover options to consider for your home.

Plantation-Style Shutters

For a Caribbean decor theme, or to simply add a touch of tropical style to your space, consider plantation-style shutters. These window blinds are typically constructed from wood, and they can be found in crisp white finishes or bold colors. They can be opened to allow sunlight to bathe your room, or the shutters can be closed to filter out some sunlight. Plantation-style blinds offer a decorative touch in the room, however, they won't block out sunlight completely. If you want a covering that lets you control the sunlight, you may want to consider a skylight shade instead.

Skylight Shades

Skylight shades work similarly to the shades you might already have on other windows in your home, but unlike your other shades, skylight shades typically feature tracks that keep the coverings in place. You can select shades that operate by remote control, which is an ideal option for skylights in great rooms or in any room with a vaulted ceiling. If you want to block out sunlight during the day from time to time, look for shades designed to function as blackout curtains. You can also select shades that simply filter out some of the harsh rays while still allowing light to come into your home.

Exterior Skylight Covers

If you are concerned about the costs of heating and cooling your home because you have skylights, exterior skylight covers might be the right option for you. These covers install over your skylights on the outside of your home, and they filter the light coming inside. This can mean less heat coming from your windows in the hot summer months, and less heat loss in the cold winter months. You'll need to have these shades professionally installed on your roof, and they can't be removed or opened like other interior skylight covers can. However, their low-profile design coordinates with virtually any decor theme. These covers can help to make your home more comfortable year-round while still allowing natural light to flow through.

Determine whether you want to cover your skylights for style or for functional purposes, and then select the option that works best in your home. With the right skylight covers, such as from SHAADS™ by Koti, you can enjoy the beauty of sunlight while also adding a unique look to your home.