Cash for Gold Store Vs. Online Auction

If you need some extra money, the local cash for gold store is an often overlooked place where you can earn a few extra dollars on the side. That's right, you can sell your stuff somewhere that isn't an online auction site. But posting a picture and an online ad is super simple. You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to make a profit. So why should you load up your stuff and take a trip to the pawn shop?

Less Research Time

The jewelry that your grandmother left you has been sitting in a safe for the last five years. It's gathering dust, you'll never wear it, and your grandma wouldn't have wanted you to waste the potential profit. But you don't have the time to spend hours online looking at price points and other similar auctions. You certainly want to do some research. Being an educated consumer (or seller, in this case) is always recommended. Even though you want to know generally how much your stuff is worth, going to a cash for gold store eliminates the need to do some hefty Internet comparison pricing. This leaves you with more time and the confidence that you're not taking a lowball offer.

Personal Service

The Internet is far from a personalized space. Going with an online auction site leaves you as one of many sellers. If you have specific questions about what you're selling, how to sell it, or anything else related to making money on your goods. A pawn shop or cash for gold store provides personals service from a real person who is standing in front of you and is ready to answer your questions.

One Fee

Selling your stuff online means using a service – sometimes multiple services. These require you to pay a fee. The online auction site takes a cut of your profits, and so might the banking or money transferring service that you're using to get your payment. On top of that, you'll also need to ship your items to the buyer. This means either charging the buyer extra or losing money on packaging supplies and shipping fees. Will a pawn shop take a fee for selling your stuff? Probably. They're in business to make money too. But, this is a one-time percentage or fee and not a series of them. And bonus, you won't have to pay at the post office too.

E-auction sites are growing and handle billions of dollars of volume annually. But, they're far from personal, often charge hidden fees, and may cost you precious time. A real-life, in-person cash for gold store provides an alternative option that may seem kind of old school. That said, these shops offer the service, professionalism, and convenience that you can't find online.